Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Waves of a wavering tale

Mindless Thoughts, Ink-less Jots
Rewriting the unwritten
Bouncing back to fickle plots
Hounded by the dreams smitten
Weaving strings unattached, Binding links unbound
The plot lingers through the self, half-dazed
Plummeting down the way of mirth found
Talking to the dormant cast, unfazed
Treading through the imaginations wild
Into the story they perish
A smile as beatific as a child
Is what makes the heart cherish
The plot thickens with views penchant
Receptivity being incomplete
Writing only what the cast enchant
Filled with innocence replete
An earnest repartee is all that is entreated
With ears ever ready to hark
The indolent cast enacts retreated
Displaying the frivolous spark
Story creeps into the loop
Awaiting the culmination
Just before the tangles hoop
Saved by the real illumination
Amusing it is, the writer deems
Rewriting the unwritten
With heart content, the joy beams
To make the next out-written

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